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The inconvenient truth

I’ve just finished eating a wonderful dinner with my housemate, Sarah.  We bonded over the stir fry as Sarah recounted her childhood growing up in Germany and we laughed at the hilarity of me entering ‘jedi’ as my national identity on the 2011 census form*.

We decided to relocate to the lounge for a spot of TV.  As Sarah ran up the stairs she enquired as to when our other housemates would be returning.

I responded “They’re both away.  Ali’s visiting family for the weekend.”

Sarah stopped. “So it’s just the two of us, alone?”

I smiled, warmed by the fact that we could spend even more quality time together “Yup.”

She cocked her head to one side “So I could kill you, and no one would know for at least two days?”

This is the first thing that comes into Sarah’s head when faced with two days alone with me.




*This is a joke (unless the person reading this is not a Government official, in which case, I totally did it.)