And the Valentine card goes to…

Show 27 million people you care by sending two Valentine’s cards this year: one to that special someone and one to… David Cameron?!

OK, so his may not have been the first face that popped into your head when considering your Valentine card recipient this year, but hear me out.

Last May, when the Coalition Government formed, they promised to make human trafficking a priority (er… as in tackling it, not doing it, for those who were wondering).  Surprisingly, the UK is one of only two EU member states that are yet to opt in to the EU Directive on Trafficking – an agreement which offers better protection to child trafficking victims, greater powers to prosecute traffickers and protection for victims in criminal proceedings.

I’m a big fan of Buy one of their limited edition Valentine cards and they’ll send a card to the Prime Minister on your behalf, asking him to opt-in to the Directive and make tackling trafficking a priority.

Click here to check out the card options


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